Photo by Corey Husic

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Phenology Note: February 20, 2011

The first "species of special interest" of the year are beginning to become active.  The first is Skunk Cabbage.  The unique flowers are beginning to emerge in wet, wooded areas.

Although not yet blooming like the Skunk Cabbage, the buds of Red Maple trees are beginning to grow.  Be on the look-out for both of these early-blooming species.


  1. From Bethlehem reporting about 2/20-21/11: Yesterday I saw daffodils peeking up through the ground, onion grass, and many more drops. Today, the snow drops in a different way. :-)

  2. My name is John Zeiger and I am a volunteer working on developing signage for the Westchester Land Trust, in New York. Would you mind if I used your red maple bud image for the sign? You would of course be properly credited.