Photo by Corey Husic

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Today, the weather warmed to the mid 60s at Lehigh Gap and the butterflies responded to the sunny weather.

The first three species were seen on the wooded south slope along the Woodpecker and Appalachian Trails at near the Osprey House at Lehigh Gap in northern Lehigh County, PA. This female Lucia Azure was brilliant blue as it flitted among the dead leaves and was difficult to see when it landed with its wings folded. This is a "new" species, as formerly this would have been called a Spring Azure.

A little farther along the trail, a bright, winter form Eastern Comma appeared.

 This was followed closely by a Mourning Cloak and a dozen or more of these bees. Spring was definitely in the air today.

Last Sunday (April 10), Dave Levandusky took this photo of a Palm Warbler at the Kittatinny Ponds at Lehigh Gap Nature Center. This is usually the first warbler species to be seen this far north in spring.

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