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Friday, April 8, 2011

More phenology notes from the first week of April

April 8th:  Started with hearing the first Eastern Towhee of the season in Kunkletown.  This week was the first time we heard the “Pheeee-bee” call of the Eastern Phoebe although we have seen them around. 

Eastern Phoebe (Photo by H. David Husic
The Tufted Titmouse song “peter peter peter” has become a common sound now.

Tufted Titmouse (Photo by H. David Husic)
In Bethlehem today, I saw hyacinths in full bloom today and tulip buds very close to opening.  Some gardeners told me that their spring ephemerals were now up and close to blooming.  With the pending warm up to the 70’s and 80’s, they worry that the bloom time will be short-lived.
The first report of groundhog sightings I received was from 3/13/11 in a field near Kresgeville (Monroe County).  I saw the first one as road kill between Klecknersville and Point Philip on 4/7/11.

On April 7th, I received the first report of a Great Egret in the area – in a puddle along the road near Gremar Road (Northampton County).

Great Egret (Photo by H. David Husic)
The red maples are now in full flower in Kunkletown.

Paps reporting in from Tuscarora State Park (April 3rd):
"During this weekends visit to Tuscarora, to clean up the trail, I saw my first Kingfisher of the year. The Spicebush buds are starting to swell...Colts foot are blooming at several places...Marsh Marigolds are starting to emerge...Small groups of Ruby Crowned Kinglets were seen."

Ian reporting in from the Delaware Canal State Park (April 6th):
"I have heard that people are catching adult male shad in the Delaware as of last week, but I haven't yet confirmed a start date for the run this year."

With the pending warm up, things should being to change rapidly over the next week. Get outdoors and let us know what you observe!

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