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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Phenological notes from various project partners

From the folks at Nescopeck State Park (March 2011 Phenology Observations – Drums, PA):

March 5 – first few spotted salamanders seen migrating

March 12 – first heard woodcocks “peenting”

March 16 – first heard wood frogs vocalizing

March 17 – skunk cabbages blooms seen

March 27 – first phoebe heard vocalizing

Mike reports seeing the first flocks of common grackles in Lehigh Township on March 31st.  We saw a solitary one in Kunkletown today (April 3rd).

Here in Kunkletown, we have been hearing spring peepers around our property for a few weeks, but tonight heard them at our pond for the first time this year.  Hopefully the ice stays off the pond for good now!  For the first time ever, we also heard a wood frog vocalizing from our pond at dusk!

With all the frog noises, it was difficult to hear the woodcocks but they were fluttering around in the field.  When we had the late snow (March 24th), the woodcocks were hanging out in the road instead of the field. Not good but I guess 4 or 5 inches of snow on the ground is not something they are fond of.

We saw a Mourning Cloak in the woods this afternoon and Dan from Lehighton saw his first Cabbage White of the season on a sunny south-facing slope.

Cabbage White (Photo by Corey Husic) - A picture from last summer, not today!
 And more signs of spring:

Carolyn from Center Valley reports that the Trilliums up about 1 inch (April 1, 2011) and that the Mayapple plants are just breaking ground (April 3, 2011).

Judy reports from Center Valley that “Spring ephemerals are starting to emerge: Trout lily leaves are pushing through and the Virginia Bluebells are popping up.”  This is really exciting.  She sent these pictures.

Early spring ephemerals (Photo by Judy Krasnicke)

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