Photo by Corey Husic

Friday, March 18, 2011

Be watching for tree flower and leaf buds and phoebes!

As promised!

A better image of the aspen flower (fuzzy ones) and terminal leaf bud
(Photos by H. David Husic on 3/17/11)

At this stage, the buds remind me of paint brush tips!
Be looking for the reddish colored buds of maple flowers soon!

Yesterday, there were reports of people seeing and hearing the first Eastern Phoebes in the state for 2011. These are the earliest flycatchers to return to the area and one of my favorite birds.  Their characteristic emphatic call is their name ("phee bee") and their behaviors of tail wagging and flying out to catch insects and returning to the same perch are fun to watch.

Eastern Phoebe (Photo by John Wasilosky)

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