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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Phenology Note: March 12, 2011

After the heavy rains in the past week, amphibians have been on the move.  Last night, I heard Spring Peepers for the first time this year.  Today, several Wood Frogs were clucking from a vernal pool in the same area.  Hearing these vocal frogs is a sure sign that other vernal pool species including Spotted Salamanders have migrated or are migrating to the pools.

 Spring Peeper (singing)--although difficult to actually find among blades of grass and sedges, it is hard to miss the sound of a group of calling peepers.

Wood Frog--these guys are already in the pools so keep an eye (and an ear) out

Spotted Salamander--although I have not yet seen one of these yet this year, it is likely that they are already in vernal pools

As we approach spring, large geese flocks head north.  Today I witnessed several large flocks of Canada and Snow Geese.

With the relatively warm temperatures, butterflies have emerged!  I found my first butterfly of the year today, a Mourning Cloak that was wandering through the woods.  I also saw other insects such as stoneflies, moths, and green stinkbugs flying around during the warmest portion of the day.

 Mourning Cloak--usually one of the earliest butterflies of spring

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