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Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17 Sightings

The temperatures soared into the 60s today and the sun actually felt hot. At the Lehigh Gap Nature Center in northern Lehigh County, PA, I noted several new signs of spring. As I walked along the pond at the Osprey House several frogs jumped from the banks into the pond. I was not able to identify them for sure, but they were either bullfrogs or green frogs out sunning themselves on the bank on the north side of the pond.

I also noted that the coltsfoot on our driveway bloomed today. Here's a photo of some of the blooms. The name coltsfoot comes from the leaves that will grow later at the base of the flower stalk, but for now, the blossoms emerge straight from the roots without any above ground plant to support them.

Coltsfoot (photo by D. Kunkle)
In addition, I heard a report from across the river that a person working there spotted numerous Bald Eagles migrating through the Gap today. Happy St. Patrick's Day and happy Spring.

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