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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy March 1st

I don't know if January or February is my least favorite month.  But good riddance, both are gone.  March 2011 came in like a lamb; it was a pretty and relatively mild day after a lot of rain yesterday.

Throughout the Lehigh Valley and even north of the Kittatinny Ridge, large flocks of snow geese were flying today.  I also saw a few larger groups of Robins (10 or so) on the now-exposed lawns and one flock of blackbirds (although I couldn’t tell which types were in the mix since I was driving).

American Robin (Photo by John Wasilowsky)

The ice on the local ponds is receding and it won’t  be long until we see the flower buds on spicebush.

Spicebush (Photo by Dan Kunkle)

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